Not only are they extremely fun, they can also make camping festivals a cheaper affair for you. 

There have been some extremely innovative gear when in comes to glamping in the past year. From solar powered tents to tents that offer the ultimate luxury, the future of music festival camping looks bright. To add to the list of amazing tents, the Honeycomb tents are here.


Launched by, these beautiful tents are great for those who travel with their entourage of friends and companions, and desire to save money when purchasing camping spots at music festivals. This is BYOT made a lot more glamorous, folks. Take a look at stunning images of the tents below.

These tents feature electrical outlets, lockers, luggage storage, and convenient setup and break downs. Additionally,  the pods can be converted into a futon when not in use otherwise. Find more information about the tents here! Make sure you keep these handy for your next music festival, folks. Stay put for more news.

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