It was an eventful week in the world of festivals. Kumbh Mela celebrated another spectacular and culturally rich year as Mark Zuckerberg took a helicopter to Black Rock City to serve grilled cheese at Burning Man. Here are some of the highlights from this week.

1. 7 Reasons Why The Kumbh Mela Can Be India’s Answer To Burning Man


For years, India has been collectively lusting over the incredible spirit of Burning Man, wishing it visited India soon enough. Now, only if we looked closer home. Rad more here!


2. Mark Zuckerberg Took A Helicopter To Burning Man Just To Serve Grilled Cheese 


Only a multi-billionaire would fly into a one-week-long desert festival to serve sandwiches. View full story here.


3. All Hail Hippie Love: Woodstock Couple Is Still Together 45 Years After This Photograph Was Clicked


The couple in the iconic Woodstock photograph are still together and happily married. Read more here.


4. 17 Fantastic Pictures Of Kumbh Mela Nasik 2015

India Kumbh Mela in Haridwar

Some very talented photographers have captured the essence of Kumbh Mela in these beautiful pictures.


5. Kumbh Mela Just Banned Taking Selfies Amidst Overcrowding Fears 


In an effort to manage hazardous overcrowding, pilgrims are being stopped from taking pictures of themselves when moving in for their holy Snan. View full story here.


6. Google’s Street View Car Gets Wrecked At Spain’s Tomato Throwing Festival


In the midst of the mushy tomato battle, a Google street view car gets caught and pummeled by attendees at La Tomatina Festival.


7. Is Drug Testing More Useful Than Banning Drugs At A Music Festival?


Read more about why Shambhala doesn’t support banning of substance at the festival.


8. In Pictures: Jamie Oliver’s The Big Feastival

jamie oliver

British festival ‘The Big Feastival’ ended last weekend on a delectably summery note, with abundance of happy people, sun, food and music. View the picture diary here.