Only a multi-billionaire would fly into a one-week-long desert festival to serve sandwiches.


Although Burning Man is a very anti-capitalism and anti-commodity festival, that propagates free self-expression and creativity, you’d be surprised at the number of Silicon valley programmers, entrepreneurs and Hollywood superstars who turn up at this festival.


Last year, Will Smith was seen segwaying at the event and this year is no different. Mark Zuckerberg from the ‘I-created-a-social-netwoork-people-can’t-live-without’ i.e Facebook fame, stylishly landed on the Burning Man playa to pitch a tent and serve out some mean grilled cheese sandwiches. Last year Zuckerberg was encouraged to attend the fest by his co-founder friend Dustin Moskovitz, when he spent a day at the fest. This time, he and his wife Priscilla took some time out their busy schedule to stop buy and dole or ‘Gift’ out some food.

grilled cheese

Gifting is a Burning Man tradition, where people bring food, water and other personal items to dole out to anyone on the Playa. It contributes to the self-sustainable and generous nature the festival is bent on cultivating among Burners. This is done with no expectation of getting anything back.