In the midst of the mushy tomato battle, a Google street view car get’s caught and pummeled by attendees at La Tomatina Festival.

Google, our beloved search engine/brilliantly wealthy multinational company, decided to send their eyes and ears in the form of a humble street view car to the infamous La Tomatina Festival in Spain. They wanted to capture “the magic and colour” at the world’s biggest food fight. The search engine also dedicated an uber-adorbs doodle to the 70th anniversary of the event.

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What they received instead was footage of a thorough pummeling by the attendees of the festival. Windows, mirrors and cameras were broken and not much useful footage was extricated. A dozen, tomato mush clad attendees jumped the car, breaking windows and mirrors and damaging the cameras. The car’s rear window was replaced with an Australian flag. Local mayor Rafael Pérez called it an act of vandalism.


(Image Via: @JMCasany/Twitter)

This doesn’t seem like the friendliest way to mark the 70th anniversary of the iconic festival. We hope Google doesn’t take this personally. Do keep tabs here for more news.