Shambala Festival, the gathering of music, art and costume, is best represented by the people who descend in elaborate dress-up madness! We pick the best ones. 

The four-day Shambala Festival, held in a secret location  in the Northamptonshire countryside is quite adept at offering the quintessential British summer experience. While one of the festival’s best draws continues to be the heavy costume drama; music, cinema, art, the countryside experience and togetherness, all feature quite highly in making the festival as popular as it is.

With the end of the 2015 edition, The Sherp rounded up some of the best image takeaways from the festival, and trust us, the people in costumes didn’t disappoint!

1. Firstly, let’s talk about how the English countryside was so ethereal looking all through the festival. 

@the_circusgirl(Credit: @the_circusgirl | Instagram)

2. Now, let’s talk about the costumes, because, boy, where they good! People channeled their inner burlesque princesses –

@bambibomb(Credit: @bambibomb | Instagram)

3. While some expressed their inner punk goddess!

@cherybear(Credit: @cherybear | Instagram)

4. While some slayed the world with their poses!

@atomiclobster(Credit: @atomiclobster | Instagram)

5. While some others, demurely let the outfit do the talking!

@jodiecartman(Credit: @jodiecartman | Instagram)

6. Can we just say that with Shambala 2015, every attendee must have walked away with serious goals!

Like personality goals –

@curlmaid(Credit: @curlmaid | Instagram)

7. Twinning goals!

@bristolfashpack 2(Credit: @bristolfashpack | Instagram)

8. Complimentary-costume goals!

@markroscoev(Credit: @markroscoev | Instagram)

9. Love goals!

10985576_10153738363200628_7694793784636281438_n(Credit: Shambala Facebook)

10. And even cuddle with pet unicorn goals!

@dulciedulciedulcie - @aureliaeros(Credit: @aureliaeros source: @dulciedulciedulcie | Instagram)

11. But the best kind of goals we walked away with were genuine, heartfelt squad goals!

Because look at these girls teaming it up –

@tabby597(Credit: @tabby597 | Instagram)

12. To be fair, Shambala had some incredible bunch of friends, people who could group up just right! Like these two –

@sophietiarks(Credit: @sophietiarks | Instagram)

13. Or these two rocking the stage –

@evalazarus(Credit: @evalazarus | Instagram)

14. Or these four, owning that hay they’re on –

@isobelosullivan(Credit: @isobelosullivan | Instagram)

15. Speaking of hay, though! Here’s to impromptu concerts on them – 

@rachelunderwood7(Credit: @rachelunderwood7 | Instagram)

16. But most importantly, here’s to expressions at Shambala! Whether frustrations –

@steveroden(Credit: @steveroden | Instagram)

17. Or just great physical get-up – 

@faceboxboutique(Credit: @faceboxboutique | Instagram)

18. And to the many friendships it saw!

@dandyfire(Credit: @dandyfire | Instagram)

19. And the many faces that conquered it! 

@bristolfashpack(Credit: @bristolfashpack | Instagram)

20. But most importantly, here’s to everyone who makes Shambala one of the best people-gatherings in the world!

@dutchyvdk(Credit: @dutchyvdk | Instagram)

@dulciedulciedulcie(Credit: @dulciedulciedulcie | Instagram)

@helly10(Credit: @helly10 | Instagram)