The couple in the iconic Woodstock photograph are still together and happily married. Read more below. 

Forty-five years ago, a photo of a young couple embracing, wrapped in a well-worn quilt, with a backdrop of the reverent laziness of festival attendees laying on the muddy hillside emerged and was featured on the official Woodstock ’69 LP.

This image soon became iconic of the festival, recognized in a mere glance as a Woodstock memorabilia. A festival that was not only a colossal shift in music festival history but also seen as an almost Utopian moment in the ever-evolving popular culture. The anonymous couple in the festival perfectly propagated the peace and love mantra of the festival. But where are they now?

Nick & Bobbi Ercoline

Anonymous no more, Nick and Bobbi Ercoline had no inkling that they were about to be the poster couple for the biggest music festival in history. When they heard about this approaching music festival that everyone seemed to be talking about, “we just had to go,” says Bobbi.

A road trip ensued, as the couple took back roads to Bethel, N.Y. and couldn’t park at the venue, so walked a couple miles to the festival. They stayed only one night. They were too far back in the crowd to even see the stage properly. Not the ideal festival experience, but it didn’t matter much, they were together. At some point during the evening, a photographer captured them on his camera, embracing, unaware, content, in that one moment.

Over 45 years later today, Nick and Bobbi Ercoline are still as much in love as they were when they went to Woodstock at the age of twenty.

“Woodstock was a sign of the times,” says Bobbi, now Bobbi Ercoline. “So many things were churning around in our world at that time: civil rights, the Vietnam War, women’s rights. It was our generation.”


‘I said, “Hey that’s our blanket.” Then I said, “Hey, that’s us!”‘ – Nick Ercoline

Nick recalls seeing the LP sleeve for the first time, while listening to it at a friend’s house much later, astonished to see himself on the cover of a record featuring Jimmi Hendrix, The Who and other legendary artists. But a question comes to mind, after the queer popularity recieved by the couple, did Woodstock change their lives? Bobbi has the answer.

“I know some people would say Woodstock changed their life. But I don’t think it contributed to who I am or who Nick is. I think we became the people we would have become anyway.”