British festival ‘The Big Feastival’ ended last weekend on a delectably summery note, with abundance of happy people, sun, food and music.

When world renowned chef Jamie Oliver joined hands with Blur bassist Alex James for a festival, one could expect two things to never go wrong – the food and the music. The Big Feastival’s 2015 edition, much like its older versions, stayed true to this vision. As people, families, young ones and children alike came out to appreciate the last bit of the fading summer with some great food and music, The Cotswolds in southern England played host to a delicious affair.

Seriously, the instagram photos prove how.

1. The last weekend of August saw people in England head to The Big Feastival, a festival of food, music and everything else!

@a.pair.of(Credit : @a.pair.of)

2. We’re sure everyone who headed to The Big Feastival paid a whole load of thanks to culinary expert Jamie Oliver, because if food doesn’t turn the world round, then what does?

@sammy_snake(Credits: @sammy_snake)

3. The children in particular were irrefutably delighted –

4. We mean, seriously, give them a look, will you?

5. And why wouldn’t they be? The Big Feastival easily brings together the last few passing rays of the English sunshine, with food…

@eventchefhomeec 2(Credit: @eventchefhomeec)

6. …music…

@leanne26(Credit: @leanne26)

7. … and just heaps of enjoyment that can be experienced with the combination of the two!

@thebigfeastival 4(Credit: @thebigfeastival)

8. Speaking of food, the kinds at The Big Feastival would have Jamie Oliver shed a big, fat tear of emotion.

@leanne26 2(Credit: @leanne26)

9. Right from the fresh display of items

@claraygray(Credit: @claragray)

10. To Jamie Oliver powered pasta recipe infused delicacy 

@wilko_mtb(Credit: @wilko_mtb)

11. To just the most sophisticated offerings of street-food delight 

@thebigfeastival(Credit: @thebigfeastival)

12. It was all a one fat gourmet mishmash of all thinks edible!

@thebigfeastival 5(Credit: @thebigfeastival)

13. So much so, that everyone had that one food against the background picture – 

@torimcging 2(Credit: @torimcging)

@oh__jim(Credit: @oh__jim)

@coleno7(Credit: @coleno7)

14. Seriously, though. Any street food lover at The Big Feastival sure walked away happy and satisfied!

15. And, if you happened to love pizza, then may the food gods save you from possible gluttony!

@thebigfeastival 3(Credit: @thebigfeastival)

16. I’m sure all the chefs, and any person responsible for the food got blessed twice over –

@thebigfeastival 2(Credit: @thebigfeastival)

17. We’re sure that if all the ones there who love food were ecstatic!

@mayer_akos(Credit: @mayer_akos)

18. But if you loved food AND music, we’re sure your happiness knew no bounds!

@regal_photography_uk 4(Credit: @regal_photography_uk)

19. Because if musical performances were anything to go by, The Big Feastival delivered and how! Right from Ella Eyre –

@regal_photography_uk 2 Ella Eyre(Credit: @regal_photography_uk)

20. To the incredible Paloma Faith!

@regal_photography_uk 3(Credit: @regal_photography_uk)

21. So much so, that you can be sure that people soaked it all in!

@tonytksmith(Credit: @tonytksmith)

22. And ended up with the best time of their lives!

@tonytksmith 2(Credit: @tonytksmith)

23. Right from the summer hay!

regal_photography_uk(Credit: @regal_photography_uk)

24. To the abundance of love, beauty and joy, around!

@treasuredbouquetslady(Credit: @treasuredbouquetslady)

@treasuredbouquetslady 2(Credit: @treasuredbouquetslady)

@vitalovebaby(Credit: @vitalovebaby)

25. Here’s to many years of summer-shine happiness!

@themetraders(Credit: @themetraders)