It’s been an eventful week in the world of festivals. Just in case you missed all the action from this week (May 3 – April 9), here’s The Sherp’s round-up of the top news and stories.  

1. Coke At Coachella & Shrooms At Burning Man: The Most Popular Drugs At The Biggest Music Festivals 



A recent study revealed a list of the most popular drugs at the biggest American music festivals. The results are beyond fascinating. To find out what they are, head here.

2. In Pictures : Tawang Festival



The recently concluded Tawang Festival, held in Arunachal Pradesh turned out to be every bit as magical and culturally poignant as it seemed. Here is the pictorial proof.

3. 10 Hilarious Music Festival Photographs



These music festival photos are as awkward as they are funny. Don’t believe us? Head here to find out.

4. 11 Year Old DJ Plays His First Festival Set And Kills It



Australia’s Youngest Producer™ performed at Canberra this weekend and needless to say, he nailed it. Read all about it here.

5. The Force Is Strong With These Festivals



Haters gonna hate, Vaders gonna Vade. Check out the Stars Wars festivals celebrated around the world here.

6. Which Canadian Festival Should You Be Attending This Summer?



Think Canada doesn’t have enough festivals? Think again! Read about some of the best ones here.

7. Stunning Images That Bring Out The Exquisite Beauty Of Further Future 2015 



The Burning Man spin-off was an intimate affair and had an alluring vibe circulating throughout its deserted venue. Feast your eyes to some of the fascinating images from the debut edition of the festival here.