A recent study revealed a list of the most popular drugs at the biggest American music festivals. The results are beyond fascinating.

We all suspected that music festivals were the honeycomb of drug usage and substance abuse, like many other youth oriented events today are, but DrugAbuse.com just confirmed it.

The website collated over three million Instagram postings that mentioned 15 of the biggest musical festivals, and examined how many of them also mentioned drug use. The results, categorized by substance type, were interesting to say the least.


(Image Courtesy: consequenceofsound.com)

It was discovered that over 12% of Coachella postings were about cocaine, 3.73% Bonnaroo posts mentioned crack, and 5.63% of the posts made about Lollapalooza included mention of opiods. Apart from this, Burning Man was discovered as the primary drug hub, popular for mushrooms, crack cocaine, mescaline, and LSD.


(Image Courtesy: tumblr.com)

Some claim it’s the music festival culture that has digressed into a mere excuse for substance abuse and partying with abandon, while some argue that music festivals are just another brick in the wall of the many outlets and opportunities the youth today have and abuse to nurture illegal drug usage.

(Story Via: DrugAbuse.com)