Haters gonna hate, Vaders gonna Vade.

Happy May The 4th/Star Wars Day, young Padawans! The Sherp is on a mission to enlighten and educate you on some fantastic celebrations, festivals and tributes especially dedicated to the whole Star Wars universe.

1.The Sapporo Snow Festival

Where: Japan
When: February

For those of you who don’t know, The Sapporo Snow Festival is a massively popular winter festival in Japan, which has caught the eye of not just the Japanese public but also people from all over the world. Snow and ice sculptures are the main headliners of this festival, with each structure getting bigger, better and more creative. Two years ago, the festival really upped the ante by adding a very Mount Rushmore-y snow sculpture and Storm troopers, in addition to popular anime characters and even some sculptures of Taj Mahal.

The Star Wars structure was 50 feet tall and seven feet wide, which probably makes it the biggest Star Wars tribute structure today. Below are some fantastic pictures of the monument!


2. Les Dunes Electroniques Festival

Where: Tunisia
When: February

Here’s a Tunisian music festival decided to push the envelope by hosting their event on the set of Star Wars. When you think the world can’t get crazier, the internet throws this at you. Les Dunes Electroniques Festival is a music festival that’s out to connect EDM junkies and Sci-Fi enthusiasts with their off the wall concept. The second edition of this festival was held in February 2015 at the fictional town of Mos Espa from the first episode of the original Star Wars, The Phantom Menace’. The set was inhabited by folks cosplaying as Star Wars characters while electronic beats drummed through the arena. Even after having been subject to controversy and borderline hostility by some, the festival lives on and thrives. Let’s hope there will be a third edition that’s just as fascinating and off the hook as this second one.


3. Star Wars Celebration

Where: July (this year)
When: London (this year)

Star Wars Celebration is a fan gathering to celebrate the release of any Star Wars franchise movie. It began in 1999, when Lucasfilm held the Star Wars Celebration in Denver, Colorado to celebrate the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Subsequent events have taken place to welcome Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, as well as honoring the 30th Anniversary of the release of the original three films. Last year’s event for Star Wars : The Force Awakens, was held in London.


 4. War’Hous Star Wars Arts Festival

Where: Texas, USA
When: May

For the last three years, War’Hous has been on the forefront of delivering the most epic art exhibition strictly dedicated to Star Wars. To keep this saga going, last year WAR’HOUS Visual Studios held a 2 day event in honour of the new Star Wars epic that came out last December – the 4th Annual Star Wars Art Festival: Pre-Awakening!

The event hosted 100+ artists, vendors, and sponsors  who all partcipated in  the costumes and role-playing. In addition to that there was tons of  music, dance, drinks and more to keep people entertained as they marveled at all the amazing Star Wars themed artwork created by both local and national artists!

(Image Courtesy : facebook.com/ryceyanezphotography)


5. Star Wars Weekends At Disney Studios

Where: Disney Studios, Hollywood
When: Throughout the year

Disney Studios specially curates Star Wars-esque fun and adventure for fanatics of the film franchise. The event features every single character from the Star Wars franchise as well as every actor and celebrity who played a part in the movies. Add a Star Wars motorcade to that and you’ve got yourself a full fledged festival!