The recently concluded Tawang Festival, held in Arunachal Pradesh turned out to be every bit as magical and culturally poignant as it seemed. Here is the pictorial proof.

FYI, contributing to the the growing cultural representation of North-East India, a festival of one of the most beautiful places in the country – Tawang is doing its bit to promote the culture of its home state – Arunachal Pradesh. Now in its fourth year, the Tawang Festival, that is a three-day show of cultural activity, too, in similar vein, attempts to put up a gorgeous show of the highly under-represented culture of Arunachal Pradesh, the north-eastern most state of India.



1. Tawang plays host to this festival, and is an area in Arunachal that is both historically and naturally endowed. At around 3500 metres above sea level and nestled between the lonely Gudpi and Chong-Churgmi ranges, you can imagine the majestic view people were in for.

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2. The fest came with Mr Rampal’s stamp of approval.




3.  Buddhist Religious functions are a big part of the celebrations, since Buddhism is deeply ingrained in Arunachal’s culture.




4. Traditional monastic dances were as spiritually uplifting as they were entertaining


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5. This year’s live show included the very talented Anushka Manchanda…




6. And a ‘traditional fashion parade’, which very tastefully brought together indigenous clothing and runaway oomph. 




7. The festival featured indigenous games and sport, handloom exhibitions, a food festival and tons of cultural dances and parades. Over two days, various vibrant cultures of Arunachal Pradesh were explored.

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(All Images Courtesy : Nayan Deka/Tawang Festival/Facebook)