These music festival photos are as awkward as they are funny.

Music festivals have been a dignified (sort of) part of the pop culture society since over a decade now. And as an ode to the life-changing (again, sort of) experiences that are music festivals, The Sherp brings you an awkward, hilarious and even downright embarrassing gallery of photos from music festivals all around the world.

1.  Well. This is awkward.


“I hear you’ve been talking some sh*t.”

Bloodstock Open Air

Via: Twitter

2.  The aftermath of the glamorous Coachella experience.


Yes, that pretty much sums it up.


Via: Epic Fail

3.  This is equal parts hilarious and adorable.


Ah, the wonders of photoshop.


Via: Forever Electro

4.  420, anyone?


Whatever happened to subtlety, people.

Via: Crack Two

5.  Like we said, it’s life-changing for some.


This is every fourteen year old at Ultra.

Ultra Music Festival

Via: Pinterest

6.  …And a chance to display their crazy for others. Meet the infamous tree-hugger, everyone.


We hear that the hugging soon progressed into inappropriate tree humping.

Ultra Music Festival Miami, 2012

Via: YouTube

7.  Photobombing at its classiest.


She does not look happy.

Via: Mega Tickets

8.  Now that’s called being a realist.


Looks like someone had harsh reality for breakfast.

Ultra Music Festival

Via: DJ Worx

9.  We’re not judging… much.


Ear PDA?

Via: Facebook

10.  Creative genius, this one.


Whatever he’s on, photobomb lady needs to have some of it.

Via: Twitter

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