Meet Goa’s Shaun Moses!
Shaun Moses is a producer and selector hailing from Goa, with a name that “sounds better on a flyer as compared to other Goan names”, he quotes. He aims to transport his listeners to other realms, taking them on a journey through a story of his own making, and ultimately leaving them begging for more.

Playing his first successful big show at the age of eighteen, Shaun Moses has been making music for 5 years now. He works by fusing the functionality of the Techno genre with the mysticism of Ambient Sound to achieve his own brand of pure tech/house goodness.

Listen to his track Jellyfish here.

Awed by the physical presence of DJs and their control of the crowds they play to, Moses began practicing the art with an old pair of CD players owned by his father. It was not long until he was convinced that this was the sort of life he had always wanted to lead. Now, the 23-year-old is happy with his progress, saying “It’s going at the right pace!”

With an E.P. released last year, Moses has a big release coming up on Alberto Ruiz’s label. It will be released on the Official Off Sonar Compilation in June. A full-time musician, his advice to budding musicians is to “Work your ass off, set realistic goals & keep knocking on opportunity’s door. It’s bound to open at some point!”

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All images are courtesy of the Artist