Join the musical siblings on their hunt for sound!

Hannan and Fatema, better known by their stage moniker, Moon Roots Project, hail from Pune, and have followed their love of music wherever it may lead them. The ‘Moon’ in their name is an homage to their guru, Monaal Aron, who is a sound engineering genius and leads at FTII. As for the rest of their name? “Hannan & I belong to the same roots – we are siblings & this is our Project” Fatema quotes.

Credit: Sneha Gopalkrishnan

Their sound, which ranges from Deep House to Trance, has a reputation for its uniqueness and ability to enchant their listeners. They have recently released a new EP entitled Esin, that is available on Soundcloud, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify!

Listen to it here!

Currently experimenting with sounds ranging from Deep House and Tech House to Techno and Trance, the duo of siblings has had a very diverse approach to each of their musical ventures.


Credits: Shradha Shinde

Their musical journey began when their friend Ankit Chudasama, proprietor of the successful entertainment company Boom Box encouraged them to perform. “Heck, we didn’t even know how to plug our equipment onto a club system/console! Super funny evening.” The siblings say, reminiscing the night. Having just completed a year and a half of working with Regenerate, the duo has released a total of 5 EPs and have performed their music at various gigs in Pune, Mumbai and even Hyderabad! “It’s been a magical journey” Fatema quotes.

Listen to their track Smelly Papaya here!

Their advice to anyone looking to start off in the music business is this: “There is only one thing that gets you where you want to be, and that is persistence.”

Credit: Sneha Gopalkrishnan

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All images courtesy of Fad Academy Pune