Meet the talented young men from the rock band Last Ride Home.

The boys from Last Ride Home were just a group of teenagers who were trying to be like their musical heroes when they started playing music in their early teens but members Deep, Dev, Sharukh, Shubham and Kamran have made their dream a reality.

(Credits: Khar antiSOCIAL)

The band has had a humble origin story and the same goes for their name. “We took part in a competition back in the day and had no name, except, every band needed a name for the MC to introduce and call on stage so one of our friends just very randomly suggested we call ourselves ‘Last Ride Home’ and it stuck.”

Their first album ‘Signs’ is the perfect marriage between progressive rock and hardcore elements. Those fry screams are impressive as hell considering the fact that all of them were just in their teenage years. Over time their taste has matured and they’re heading to a more progressive sound à la The Contortionists.

Their journey has been one filled with positivity and support but the ups and downs are common. “We’ve had our share of those too, but it’s never been anything too severe or difficult to deal with. And probably the best piece of advice we could give to any upcoming band or artist other than not losing focus and keeping your eyes on the prize is to market yourself right. You could be the best band in your city and chances are, if you’re really that good you will get noticed but you can always fasten that process by making people aware of your existence. If you have faith and believe in your music, never feel shy to introduce it to people.”

Most of the members work part-time jobs but want to make their music a full time commitment as they feel their best achievement is yet to come. “it always feels nice when someone comes to us after a show and tells us they dig our music or that they’ve heard our album and like it. It feels really satisfying as an artist when that happens.”

In their down time, if they manage to squeeze some in, they like to check out new gigs in the city or discover a new cuisine or restaurant. The band rocked the seventh edition of BlackBlood and have been holding gigs at least twice a month but at the moment they’re writing some new material and creating more music brainstorming sessions.

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