Get to know the talented Hip Hop and House DJs, KyZo!

Kyron and Zohanne Dinshaw are two brothers from Mumbai with a love for all things Hip Hop and House. Their moniker, a fusion of their respective nicknames is one you’ve probably heard about in the local music scene.

Growing up under the same roof, the brothers began their musical journey listening to cassette tapes, moving on to CD‘s and then finally, more advanced digital formats of music. “With music being a part of everyday life there really wasn’t much of a decision to make about getting involved with it, it just was. With Dj’s playing the same songs on repeat, not playing new and unexplored tunes it made us want to change that and get everyone to listen in on what they were missing out on. ” Zohanne says.

Kyzo prioritizes Hip Hop, followed by Tech/Deep/Minimal House and then the classic 90’s and early 80’s for that classic retro feel. They even work with pop on occasion, “but just the good stuff, none of that extra poppy stuff.”

Inspired by a plethora of old school artists such as Eminem, 2Pac, Dre, Snoop Dogg and Notorious B.I.G., the brothers started out rapping and performing at hip-hop nights across the city. “Before I knew it I was in front of over 1000 people busting rhymes!” Zohanne says. “The advice I give to everyone, not just musicians, is to not be afraid to hear and advocate good sound. If there’s a good sound, there’s definitely a good response. It’s just what comes naturally to our minds and ears.”

With an aim to set the bar for what needs to be achieved by DJs across the country, KyZo will be launching a bunch of gigs that will soon be announced. You can catch them at Luna Nudo at the St Regis hotel on the 20th of May. “It’s the first venue we’ve played at together and now we’re there once a month.”

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Credit: All images courtesy of the Artist