Give your mothers some needed love and time to make them feel special!

It’s that time of the year when we give our cleanliness-obsessed mother’s a much needed pampering session by planning something special for Mother’s Day! So why not get a bit more creative this year with the following options we have curated for you right here:

1. Mother’s Week Special At Bambooo Tree Spaa


Get things started a bit earlier for mother dearest with a number of massage packages for Mother’s Week starting from 12th – 16th of this month! You could accompany your mom for some mother-daughter/son bonding session! Check it out right here.

2. Mother’s day Breakfast At Henpecked

If you and your mother are big on brekky, the all-new Henpecked opened in Fort will have a huge selection of early morning food items including some favourites like Breakfast Sandwiches made with Poppy Seed Bagels and the sweeter buttermilk waffles, pancakes with fresh fruit and healthy drinks at sharp 7 a.m on Sunday, 14th of May. Head on over to their farm and eat to your heart’s content for just INR 800!

3. Get Some Paint On At Cafe Zoe!

Zoe is the place to be if mum’s got the creative bug! They’re hosting an incredible paint party with artist Vinisha Savla there to guide everyone through their paint journey while exploring the theme, “Mother – The Light In Our Lives.” Food and beverages will be provided too, you can’t be hungry the entire time. Get your hands on this experience ASAP!

4. Mom Gets A Free Meal At Celini

(Credits: Grand Hyatt Mumbai)

The Grand Hyatt restaurant is going all out to give mother’s the best Italian feast for their special day. Take your mom out to the restaurant where she can indulge in some of the best culinary preparations by chef Alessandro Persico’s own family recipes. The ‘Unapologetically Italian Saturday Brunch’ will also offer her an exclusive 25% off at The Club Oasis Salon & Spa, through the month of May.

5. Complimentary Cocktails By Bombay Cocktail Bar

Take mum out to the luxurious bar/lounge to fill yourselves with complimentary house cocktails like The Tipsy Kalakhatta, Sharabi Aam Panna, Flavoured Alcoholic Chuski, Masala Chai Cocktail and yummy food including some fancy dessert! Grab your bags and head over to the venue after 7 p.m for some unlimited fun!