Metal-heads, If Hope Dies, are a serious force to reckon with!

A 4 piece metal band that came together to align their musical creativity and their common love for all sounds destructive, “If Hope Dies” are definitely turning out to be a formidable force from the north-east! The band was formed in 2010 and have since then quite literally thrashed their way to the top as forerunners in the Siliguri/Darjeeling metal scene. Founded by frontmanAakash Sherpa, and guitaristAbinash Moktan, the band only released their debut album, titled “Sukna”, last year. 

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The origin of their moniker, “If Hope Dies”, rose, like most good ideas, out of a mundane economics lecture that was getting a little too hard to bear! The frustrated thought that was borne out of this, became the band’s moniker and it has stuck ever since. India has over time recognized NorthEast India as a hot-bed for metal talents over the years. “If Hope Dies” have beaten most odds to make themselves known as one of the frontrunners in the metal scene in North-East India.

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The band took to international and local inspirations such as CREED, ALTERBRIDGE, METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, MEGADETH and SINISTER VIOLENCE(hiatus), GRUNGY MORPHINES(hiatus), PLAGUE THROAT, NATIVE RULES(hiatus).

On being asked, what their biggest challenge pursuing their music is, IHD say that getting gigs out of the North-East Indian region is their biggest challenge. Many North-East bands have the ability to do good but the only problem lies in getting a gig out of this region. Many event organisers won’t be interested in spending cash on us be it band fee or travelling fee.”

The band leaves a lasting impression wherever they perform and are known as much for their onstage energy as their hard hitting music. Their debut EP, “Sukna” showcased the band’s musical prowess and established themselves as a band to watch out for from North-East India. 

The Eternal Mindfuck, Hurry Burry Spoils The Curry are among the two most recognizable tracks from their debut album. Check the album out below :

The journey may have not yet shot up for this underrated band, but they sure have made ripples in their locality. Their challenge of getting their music popularized in the country and elsewhere is a challenge a lot of bands hailing from North-East India have faced. While their struggle has been tough, the band ironically hasn’t lost hope and continues to pursue their music in spite of working other jobs to support themselves. Guitarist, Abhinash is a school teacher, while drummer, Rupsang, handles his own business and bassist, Pratik, works as a BPO employee. Singer and frontman, Akash Sherpa, helps local bands with recording.


Credits: IHD

Their advice to budding musicians would be that the journey is super tough, but if you love something, then you must work hard towards it, no matter what. The band released their debut album, Sukna, last year and say it surely is their greatest achievement till date! Well that, and their ability to turn any venue into a mosh pit! 

If you ever head up towards Darjeeling, you may want to catch a performance of this band! We’re sure their journey to being a frontrunning metal band in India is not far from being realized.

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