Get headbanging with these indie/alt rockers from Mumbai!

Together since the year 2012, Koniac Net are an indie, alternative & hard rock band from Mumbai, India. This five-person band consists of David Abraham on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Jason D’Souza on Guitar & Backing Vocals, Aaron Dmello on Guitar & Backing Vocals, Adil Kurwa on Bass & Backing Vocals and Karun “K-Pilly” on Drums. The band has been compared to artists the likes of the Stills, Smashing Pumpkins, Toadies, Death Cab For Cutie, Matt Pond PA, Marcy Playground, Helmet and the Deftones.

Credit: KRUNK

When asked about their moniker, David Abram explained that their name refers to the point in someone’s life when they are presented with two paths, one favorable and the other less appealing, and being forced to take the one that appeared less attractive, only to later realize that the path they were forced to take was far more fruitful and lucrative than they had previously realized, rather than the obvious choice at the time, which was, in reality, a metaphorical net “similar to that of an Angler Fish’s protruding fleshy light” David says.

The name also precipitated during a time in his life where he realized how comforting scotch, whiskey, cognac and Southern Comfort were at trying times. This is how they arrived at “The Koniac Net” – “A paradoxical, oxymoronic, optimistic, and cynical representation of how life’s surprises/plans for you have reason & purpose, and are justified at random points of time in our lives, even though we might not be aware of it.” quotes Abram.

Watch the music video for their song This Time Around here!

The Koniac Net have been featured by MTV, VH1, Rolling Stone Magazine, GQ Magazine, VOGUE, Buzzfeed, BalconyTV, Apollo Night LA, WeSauce, and many others, and songs from both, their album & EP, have gained airplay on over 155 radio stations across 32 countries.

Credit: Himanshu Rohilla Photography

Fans of music since they were children, the members of the band found their musical footing over the years, and soon were making tracks of their own! It hasn’t been an easy ride, finding time to compose, practice, network, etc. amongst other things, demands a lot of time and sacrifice on their end. It goes without saying, however, that the fruit of their efforts has been sweet. Among their various achievements, the band has been voted as the Best Original Band, Mumbai 2012 by Converse & Rolling Stone Mag, India. June’s 2012 Artist of the Week by Indie Music Bus, Florida, U.S., Band of the Month for May, 2012 by Alternative Michigan, U.S. and various others of equal measure.

Not all feedback is favorable, however. Their advice to anyone trying to live their musical dream is this: “You’re going to get negative reviews about your music at some point of your musician journey… everyone does. Never let that deter you.”

Watch their music video for Chasing After You here!

At the moment, they are finishing the composition phase of their new album, and plan to hit the studios this month.

You can look out for their upcoming shows on their facebook page here: