Let’s leave at least some of these things behind in 2015.

2015 has been an uber-eventful year in the world of music festivals, colourful with some spectacular and some not-so-spectacular moments. We love the solidarity and the sense of human grandeur that come with music festivals, but there are some things we could do without. The Sherp brings you a list of happenings we hope to leave behind in 2015 as a new year commences.



1. Festival tragedies

One of the more sensitive subjects here, music festivals have seen their fair share of tragic incidents. From the girl who fell overboard at MDBP to the infamous deaths at HARD Summer, we hope that with 2015, such tragedies come to an end. We also understand that when an organization is playing host to several thousand people, the responsibility, to an extent, of any mishaps at the event lays on their shoulders. But we would like to encourage attendees to be more cautious individually, and take responsibility of one’s own actions.


2. Influx of flower crowns

On a lighter note, let’s hope 2016 brings some new festival fashion because it’s high time we say goodbye to those flower crowns seen and worn by every other girl at music festivals. (And we’re certain many festival attendees share this view.)

flower crowns

(Image Courtesy: mtv.com)


3. Offensive flags/headdresses

When we say “offensive flags”, we’re talking about something along these lines. Needless to elaborate, this was inappropriate and uncalled for. And as for offensive headgear, most people are aware of the appropriated Native American culture at music festivals. Let’s begin this new year by not offending anyone, shall we?

native american headdress


4. Actually, let’s lose the whole “rave” attire

We’re talking about kandi bands, furry leg warmers, neon bikinis, pacifiers – all of it. It’s about time we started separating douchebaggery from rave/festival culture.


5. Mass trespassers

At Nocturnal Wonderland this year, nearly 200 people were arrested trying to break into the festival. If you’re still confused about what we’re referring to, watch the video below. Mass trespassing just creates trouble for everyone, folks!


6. Failed attempts at sneaking in “stuff”

Methods to smuggle drugs and other contraband into music festivals have only gotten more creative with time, and some of these might just be pushing the limits. Only a couple of days ago, two men allegedly tried to stash drugs near Sydney Olympic Park in the week leading up to Stereosonic. Police were called to the venue when a man was observed trying to drill into the side of one of the buildings in the area on Friday. If you’re going to do something illegal, at least be inconspicuous about it. (We’re kidding, don’t do that.)


7. This stupidity

While we’re on the subject of offending people. Let’s take personal initiative of not getting offended for things that don’t completely require an aggressive reaction. The “reclaiming the bindi” campaign is an example of this. Read more about it by clicking on the link above.


8. And this utter inconvenience

girl sitting on shoulders

Seriously, there are at least ten people standing behind you hoping you fall and break something. NO ONE BUT YOU IS ENJOYING THIS.


9. Pointless stagecrashing

Not only is stagecrashing unamusing to everyone except the stagecrasher (ahem, Lee Nelson), it’s also dangerous. Take it from this guy, who perished because of grievous consequences. Let’s bring an end to unthinking stagecrashers and avoid angry festival performers in the process.


10. Unwanted douchebaggery

Summer Session festival actually banned shirtless men from the festival grounds. Their reasons were cited as elimination of shirtless meat-heads displaying unruly behavior and reinstating music as the key focus of the festival. While we agree with the latter part of the statement, the former seems awfully stereotypical. The sad part is, there is some truth to the stereotype. We don’t want anyone banned – fully clothed or shirtless – we just wish “festival douchebaggery” ceases to be a common thing, which as of now, it is.


 (Disclaimer: Much of the content in this article is meant to be humourous. We, at Festival Sherpa, do not mean to offend anyone. Love and peace for all, folks!)