This time, it’s HARD Summer Los Angeles that faces a suspected drug overdose case, with the death of two young women who collapsed at the festival on Saturday.

The two girls, one 18 and the other 19, were rushed to the hospital from Fairplex, where they were pronounced dead within a few hours. They are both suspected to be drug-related, although the autopsy reports are yet to be released. Festivals and raves in Los Angeles have gathered a reputation for drug-related problems, and this has led to security being tighter than it ever was before. This incident has made authorities question what they can possibly do to ensure that this doesn’t happen, especially to young attendees.


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Renee Hernandez, a Fairplex spokeswoman, said “Any time we have a large event on our campus, we are aware of the risks. We have protocols in place and our event promoters supplement Fairplex medical and security staffing during highly popular events in consultation and coordination with community public safety leaders. We offer our condolences to the family of these young women, and the Fairplex takes every measure to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at our events.”

The HARD Summer festival is a two-day electronic music bash that attracted a crowd of nearly 65,000 people this year. Its growing popularity has made it the largest of its kind in the Los Angeles County.