This year, the Smirnoff Experience is bringing Afrojack to Mumbai, India on November 29, and we’re really excited.

When it comes to Afrojack, people all over the world have been dancing to the fantastic beats of the Dutch music producer for quite some time now. Born as Nick Van De Wall, he’s 28 years old and already has multiple Grammy nominations under his belt. He has a number of chart-topping hits, and is perhaps one of the best known and most-awaited DJs at most major EDM festivals in the world!

In light of the exciting performance this weekend, The Sherp thought it might be time to unearth some of the lesser known facts about Afrojack. How many do you know?



1. He started playing the piano at five.

Afrojack’s introduction to music was at the ripe age of five. At age eleven, he started experimenting with the remix program Fruity Loops, his first introduction to music production.

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2. He makes a majority of his music on an aeroplane

In-demand DJs like Afrojack travel all over the world nearly throughout the year. They spend a large amount of time on aeroplanes, and Afrojack definitely makes good use of his time up in the air.


3. He received international success with ‘Take Over Control’

The song that first made Afrojack a popular name internationally was Take Over Control featuring Eva Simons, in 2007. It charted in 10 different countries, and put the Dutch producer under the spotlight for the first time.

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4. He loves U2 and Michael Jackson

For people who wonder what Afrojack’s taste in music is like, or who he draws inspiration from – he likes to unfake it! He loves music that’s real and unpretentious, just like everyone else, and this reflects in the music he produces.


5. He would love to work with Lady Gaga on a track

Afrojack has expressed his admiration for Lady Gaga in the past, but more recently he also revealed that he would love to work on a musical track with her. Fingers crossed!

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6. He contributed to the hit song, Run the World by Beyonce

This dancehall and go-go-influenced R&B track from 2011 is definitely one of Beyonce’s biggest successes. Receiving awards and a lot of nominations, this song became extremely popular.

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7. In 2013, he was the 7th highest-earning DJ in the world

According to Forbes magazine, Afrojack became the 7th-highest-earning DJ in the world in 2013, something that’s definitely not surprising considering his popularity.

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8. He received the European Border Breakers Award

In 2012, Afrojack received this prestigious award that’s given to artists who break borders with their songs, and are extremely successful in countries aside from their own. We definitely know that Afrojack is one of them.

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Don’t miss Afrojack at the Smirnoff Experience in Mumbai on November 29! Book your tickets HERE.