As another spectacular edition of Nocturnal Wonderland comes to an end, we hear around 200 arrests have been reported. 

Nocturnal Wonderland’s 20th grand edition just wrapped up. Overall, the festival progressed well, with amazing acts and an outstanding turnout. No deaths were reported and no teenagers OD’d. But San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department reports did show up. Apparently, nearly 200 arrests were made over the two days of the festival. 76 people were arrested Friday and 123 were arrested Saturday, all of whom were caught sneaking into the festival.


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Over 85,000 people attended Nocturnal Wonderland this year and we assume these 200 gatecrashers thought it would be easy sneaking in without alerting the authorities, i.e. The Sheriff’s Department.

As for the crowd that paid for their tickets, an officer from the Sheriff’s Department said, “We have found this type of crowd to be very respectful,” Dorsey said. “They are constantly thanking us for their safety.” Officials from the department were also said to be at the festival venue handing out flyers about drug usage, which the attendees found useful.