ADE made its first foray into India, Yellow Claw’s coming here too, and there are psy trance festivals happening in Kasol in the coming months!

1. 10 Things We Learned From ADE Global Sessions Mumbai! 


The entry of ADE into the subcontinent was a key milestone in India’s journey to become a truly global electronic music force.  – See more!

2. Two Psy Trance Festivals In June And July, In Kasol? Let’s Go!


June and July are going to be two amazing months for psy trance lovers, as Kundalini Shakti and Electric Mahadeva are coming back to the blissful Kasol valley! – See more!

3. This Is How Much You Have To Shell Out To Get To EDC Las Vegas On A Budget!

(Image Credits: Mark van der Aa)

(Image Credits: Mark van der Aa)

Attention ravers! Here’s how much you need to save up for the ultimate rave, the Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas! – See more!

4. Get Ready For The Yellow Claw In Mumbai!


Mumbaikars are in for a treat as a Yellow Claw concert has just been announced! – See more!

5. The Sherp At ADE: Interview With Wiwek!

Wiwek 3 colour - Copy

The Sherp caught up with one of Holland’s fastest-rising stars on the EDM circuit at ADE Mumbai, Jungle Terror sensation Wiwek! – See more!

6. In Pictures : Corgchella Happened, This Corgi Beach Party For 600 Adorable Mutts


Hold on a minute, you’re telling us there are puppy and cat film festivals, sea turtle and elephant appreciation events, and now we get a Corgi-themed beach party? Excuse The Sherp, while he squeals in delight. – See more!

7. 10 Insane Coachella Stories That Will Leave You In Splits!


People at Coachella get away with shit that wouldnt be acceptable anywhere else but in the end everyone is left with some hilarious memories! – See more!

8. From India To Mysteryland USA In 1 Lakh!


Well here’s one mystery solved! This is how much it’s going to cost you to get to Mysteryland USA in the Big Apple! – See more!