People at Coachella get away with shit that wouldnt be acceptable anywhere else but in the end everyone is left with some hilarious memories!

The big Coachella weekend is right around the corner! The festival is known for it’s flamboyant sub culture with their own fashion, mannerisms and (of course) way of partying. These parties can very often get out of hand and result in some pretty spectacular tales. We have been going through the ocean of such stories on the internet and compiled a list for you to enjoy right in time for the valley festival!





2. When you get crowned Poop King.



3. Something about people doing acid and wanting to take a shit.

“I took acid for the first time on Saturday. I don’t know if it was the acid, but I really had to take a shit. I went into the indoor bathrooms and I was sitting there for a good five minutes — but I wasn’t even trying to go. I just sat down. Then I left to see Gramatik, and I don’t know if it was the acid, but all I could think of was, ‘I have to take a shit. I have to take a shit.’ I asked my group of friends who’ve tried acid, ‘Is this a symptom of the acid?’ I couldn’t deal, so I went to the bathroom again. This time when I sat down, everything just collapsed. I felt like I was in a jail cell because of the indoor bathrooms. They’re dark and they’re metal. I saw these girls yelling, and I imagined them fighting like in jail. It wasn’t bad though. I was enjoying it. So I just kept sitting there. I put the toilet seat cover on. My shorts were down. It’s so crazy. It felt like there was oil all over the place. I was looking at everything. I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is so cool!’ I turned to the toilet paper — and then the trip changed. So right then I had to get up and leave. I still hadn’t taken a shit. I was probably in there for only three minutes. I would definitely do acid again, but not at Coachella. I’d probably want to do it sitting in the park. Maybe with a blanket.”

– Jennifer, 20, Santa Clarita, California

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4. Spread the love!



5. Alright man just take whatever you want!

“Yesterday we were in The Do LaB around 2:30, a little bit earlier in the day. We had taken some ‘shrooms, smoked some weed, and taken some ecstasy at some point. So we were dancing in The Do LaB, and they have water guns to shoot people with. It’s amazing, obviously. At one point, I was shooting a squirt gun, and this guy rolls up — he just comes flying out of the crowd — and yells, ‘Yo, bro, shoot me in the mouth!’ He opens his mouth, I squirt him right in the mouth, and he immediately swallows a pill, throws his hands up, screams and jumps all the way back into the crowd. He’s just a whirlwind basically the rest of the time. He was probably the most fucked-up person I’ve seen at Coachella. We nicknamed the kid Roll Hard. It was actually pretty intense for me. The guy gave me a pretty weird vibe. It was too much. You could see crazy in his eyes. I’m about responsible drug use. You go a gram deep and you’re going to be in trouble. I wasn’t going to question him.”

– Hunter, 29, San Diego, California

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7. When you use Apple Maps.



8. Doing drugs apparently makes you super generous.


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9. What a nice lady!


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10. When the door to platform no. 9 3/4 is closed.


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