Attention ravers! Here’s how much you need to save up for the ultimate rave, the Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas!

The Sherp has calculated all your major expenses and broken it down for you in partnership with Skyscanner for your convenience!


The Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to electronic music festivals. It now has editions happening all over the USA in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Puerto Rico as well as abroad, including Mexico, the UK, Brazil & Japan. The festival is known to feature some of the best in music from genres including House, Electro House, Drum N’ Bass, Techno, Dance-Punk, Hardstyle, Dubstep, Trance, and more.

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EDC Las Vegas is probably one of their most successful events with  their 2015  edition drawing more than 400,000 people over 3-days (134,000 per day). There is no question that this is a festival that should be on every music festival lover’s bucket list. The 20th anniversary edition will be held from June 17 to June 19. Though lineup details have not yet been announced we can be sure it will feature the cream of the Electronic Music industry. That being said, here’s how much it’s going to cost you to purchase that EDC Las Vegas experience on a budget!


1. Better get yourself a festival ticket before they all get sold out!

EDC Las Vegas is an extremely popular festival and tickets quickly vanish. It is advisable for you to buy them as soon as possible. A 3 Day General Access Pass will cost you approx INR 26,800/-. You can buy passes at the best price on Viagogo. You can also get a shuttle pass, according to the area you’re staying in, for convenient travel on all 3 festival days for about INR 9,000/-. You can also check out some of the parties/after parties during the EDC Week. These tickets have to be purchased separately and prices vary from party to party so check out their website for more information.



2. The sooner you book your flights, the better the chances for getting a good deal on them.

If you fly from Mumbai, a round trip should cost you approx INR 60,200/- but only if you book right away. Getting to Las Vegas from Mumbai will take you approximately 30 hours if everything goes according to schedule.
Pro Tip : Try flying on Mondays or Tuesdays which are the cheapest days to travel. You can easily check all major travel websites for the best rates with one click at Skyscanner. From the airport there are several shuttle and taxi services available to get you to your hotel.



3. Las Vegas has surprisingly cheap stay options so with a little research you can save quite a few bucks.

A stay at one of the many affordable hotels in Las Vegas will cost you a mere INR 1500/- to INR 2500/- (per night). Of course with the festival happening, there will be a huge influx of crowds so try to reserve your rooms before they all get full. These hotels might appear cheap but they’ll have all you need for a comfortable stay and more with many of them also being casinos.



4. To have a good time, it’s important to replenish yourself with some good food.

According to information gathered from several Reddit users, if you plan it out, you will end up spending about $150 approx INR 10,000/- every festival day on F&B. As you will probably end up spending a lot on alcohol inside the festival, it might be a good idea to spend lesser on food inside and eat somewhere cheaper. Many of the hotels also usually have an inexpensive buffet with both food and alcohol where you can grab a bite to eat. If you stay an extra couple of days you can probably cut down your consumption a bit and save a few bucks to move around the city.


5. Las Vegas is known for its extravagance so it might be difficult to get around on a tight budget but it’s worth it.

Do try to visit some of the classic Las Vegas sights like their casinos and architectural wonders. This includes the classic Caesar’s Palace, the Egyptian themed Pyramid shaped Luxor Las Vegas, the Eiffel Tower experience at the Paris Las Vegas and the Adventuredome amusement park. Make sure you check out their websites and to set aside some extra money if you wish to visit any of these places.

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6. Final Round Up.

The trip to EDC Las Vegas should cost you approximately INR 26,800/- (3 Day GA Festival Ticket) + INR 9,000/ (Shuttle) + INR 60,200/- (Return Flight From Mumbai) + INR 14,000/- (1 Week Hotel Stay) + INR 60,000/- (1 Week F&B) = INR 1,70,000/-.

Be sure to factor in other costs such as visa, miscellaneous expenses, sightseeing, local transport etc. before you go. The Sherp wishes you a happy and safe journey!