From the most expensive festival ticket in the world to the weirdest penis festival in the world, The Sherp has you covered!

Would You Buy The World’s Most Expensive Festival Ticket?

Secret_Solstice_2015_Secret_Solstice - 16

The Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland never ceases to amaze us. Back in 2015, they offered the most expensive ticket at that time: a fancy $200,000 package for two people. – See more!

Why The Songkran Festival Is The Best Way To Enjoy Thailand 

Songkran Feature by

Not satisfied with just one day of Holi? Head down to Thailand for their beautiful festival of spiritual cleansing. – See more!

10 Instances Where The Cops Got Down At Music Festivals! 


The Sherp has compiled 10 such videos where policemen bust some cool dance moves instead of druggies for a change! – See more!

Say Bye Bye To Coachella Festival Photography With These New Rules!


Coachella has drawn up new rules this year banning individual photographers of all the media outlets covering the festival! Who thinks this choice is a bit nutty? – See more

23 Gorgeous Images Of The BaliSpirit Festival!


The annual BaliSpirit Festival is a celebration of yoga, dance and music and the merging of East with West cultures through the arts! – See more!

In Pictures : The Craziness That Was Japan’s Penis Festival


While we carry huge idols into the sea, Japan worships giant penises at this festival. This year’s edition of Kanamara Matsuri just got over, and the pictures are wild. – See more!

Listen To Wiwek’s Phenomenal ADE Mumbai Mix + Know More About Him!


Wiwek has been on a roll as of late. One of the newest signees to Skrillex’s diverse label OWSLA, Wiwek’s sounds are best described in two words: Jungle Terror! – See more!

Fancy A Space Trip? There’s An All New Psytrance Festival In Kasol, Here’s The Phase 1 Lineup!


The Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh will play host to the new Space Trip Festival. – See more