….for the most beautiful festival in the world?

The Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland never ceases to amaze us. Back in 2015, they offered the most expensive ticket at that time: a fancy $200,000 package for two people. They’ve just outdone themselves this year by offering a $1 million package, inclusive of a LOT of stuff!

(Courtesy: Secret Solstice)

First off: you’ll get a pick up and drop to the festival on a private business jet from ANYWHERE in the world, exclusively for you and 5 others. If that’s not luxurious enough for you, how does 24×7 access to private cars inclusive of drivers and security sound to you? Or the fact that two Icelandic musicians will perform only for your posse? Or the fact that you’ll have helicopter transfers too?

Secret_Solstice_2015_Secret_Solstice - 16

(Courtesy: fest300.com)

There’s much, much more. You’ll get access to the world’s first concert inside the magma chamber of a dormant volcano. So what if it’s sold out? You and your friends will still get access. The other places where you’ll get access are the world’s only glacier party, the Blue Lagoon, every secret VIP party you can think of, and so much more. The list is exhaustive.

Other perks include private tours of any Icelandic tourist destination, a whale and dolphin watching session, and Icelandic food experiences on site, apart from a plethora of other stuff.

The lineup for Secret Solstice is right here.


To know more about Secret Solstice, we’ve written an article about it, and you can check it out right here! This will probably put all your squad goals to shame, because the Secret Solstice festival is the real deal!