Police officers around the world are shown as your typical vigilantes: firm, strict, prim and proper, and ever-alert. But, when you put a cop at a music festival, they smash multiple stereotypes to bits! The Sherp has compiled 10 such videos where policemen bust some cool dance moves instead of druggies for a change!

 1. Movement, USA

We’re still not sure if this guy was playing a prank. Clearly, he wasn’t. A real Chicago police officer showed some sick B-Boy moves, much to the amusement and appreciation of festival goers!

2. The Jazz Festival, Canada

Here’s 2 minutes of the most hilarious policeman twerking session at a festival, ever! Toronto’s policemen surely know how to party!

3. Rainbow Serpent Music Festival, Australia

How do you prove your dancing skills to people? That’s right! A dance off is the solution to your problems! Watch as a policeman indulges in a friendly dance-off with ravers!

4. Polk County Hispanic Festival, USA

It’s awesome when cops dance at festivals, but it becomes super adorable when a police couple breaks into a jig! This video is all kinds of awesomeness!

5. Columbus Asian Festival, USA

It’s good vibes all the way at this festival, as these cops unwind with a bunch of people and do the simplest dance moves of all time!

6. Fayetteville Dogwood Festival, USA

Who doesn’t like a flash mob? Especially when you combine it with cops at a music festival? That’s exactly happened at the Fayetteville Dogwood Festival!

7. Mardi Gras, USA

This officer from New Orleans sure as hell knows how to get down! Watch for yourself as this officer does the popular Wobble step at Mardi Gras!

8. Berkeley World Music Festival, USA

Watch as a police officer gets into a ring of dancing ladies and does his best interpretation of music played on trumpets! It’s light-hearted, and super fun!

9. Big Day Out, Australia

By far one of the best videos we’ve come across (obviously after that sick B-Boy routine), watch as this policewoman turns up to unleash her true instincts when subjected to loads of trap music!

BONUS: Holi, India

And, to round off this list, here’s 14 minutes of our own havaldars celebrating Holi in uniform, because we’ve got the best dance moves in the world!

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