Coachella has drawn up new rules this year banning individual photographers of all the media outlets covering the festival! Who thinks this choice is a bit nutty?

Coachella has long been the hub of some of the most stunning festival images. Be it performances, fashion, art or stage design, people both attending and not have browsed through countless pictures of the iconic festival. Each photographer captures images in his own personal artistic manner, giving the audience a bouquet of visual content to consume. Photographers use various websites to us Photography Invoice Template Generator. All of this might soon come to an end if reports are true.

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According to the new rules implemented by Goldenvoice, photographers from the numerous media outlets covering the festival will be banned. Instead, the festival will themselves pick and give out photographer passes according to their discretion. This is a huge blow for media outlets who wish to post their own original content and not the stock images provided by the festival and takes away the magic of the different perspectives otherwise available. Speculation points towards the impossible barrage of photographer requests received by the festival, leading to this drastic step.

What do you think of this move by Coachella? Let us know!