It’s been an adventurous week in the world of festivals. From the Bacardi NH7 Weekender giving us a first official peek into their 2015 line-up to the discovery of the most trippy sunglasses you’ll ever don at a music festival, the Sherp has assembled the top stories making all the headlines this week. 

1. These Sunglasses Will Make Your Festival Experience A Lot More Trippy 


These diffraction glasses can give you an experience that gives LSD a run for its money. Read more HERE.


2. The Sherp’s Ultimate Bacardi NH7 Weekender Wishlist 


We got more than one name spot on from this list. Check it out HERE.


3. India’s First Travelling Literary Festival Is Finally Here 


It’s time to embrace you inner Ruskin Bond. Know more HERE.


4. The Sherp Has Three Exclusive Names For The Bacardi NH7 Weekender #LineUp2015


The Sherp had the privilege of announcing 3 special names. Find out who they were HERE.


5. Bacardi NH7 Weekender Dropped It’s 2015 Lineup ; Twitter Reacts


OML’s yearly ritual of dropping their Bacardi NH7 Weekender line-up all over social media has garnered some hilarious and interesting twitter reactions, this time. Check out the BEST ones.


6. Two Teenagers Die Of Suspected Drug Overdoses at HARD Summer 2015


This time, it’s HARD Summer Los Angeles that faces a suspected drug overdose case, with the death of two young women who collapsed at the festival on Saturday. When is this going to stop? Read about it HERE.


7. Here’s How Festivals Have Helped Improve USA’s Economy By Over $3 Billion


Insomniac just revealed some stunning numbers. Check it out.



8. For Your Next Camping Festival, Take This Tent From The Future 


This tent is the best thing to have happened to camping in a long time, and is sure to enhance your festival experience. Check these gorgeous tents out HERE.