Insomniac, the company behind the Electric Daisy Carnival franchise, has just released figures that prove how music festivals generate employment opportunities and improve the overall economy of a country.



The list of music festivals surfacing from all around the world is endless, and while locals are fed up of the growing number of “EDM” festivals, Insomniac have revealed numbers which might change your opinion of these gatherings. Over the past 5 years, Insomniac itself has generated over $3 Billion, providing significant benefits for their host cities.


The presence of their festivals in the USA have directly impacted local transportation, entertainment, food and beverage and accommodations services. Here’s an excerpt from the official Insomniac page that truly underlines the importance of a music festival:

“When you’re buying a ticket, you’re not only gaining access to an unforgettable experience, you’re also improving the lives of the local workers and cities that make these events possible.”

(All Images via: Insomniac + Electric Daisy Carnival Facebook)