Do you make mental notes of artistes you’d love to see play at your favourite music festival? Well, The Sherp has been conjuring up quite a long list, that includes some eclectic musicians and artistes he’d kill to see perform at the upcoming Bacardi NH7 Weekenders. Some of these names may seem a bit far-fetched….but isn’t there always room for wishful thinking?


1. Tame Impalatame impala

Why: Well, why the hell not? Tame Impala have been lighting up the psychedelic/alternative rock scene for quite awhile now, with their groovy, hypnotic and soul-gripping tunes. Here are more reasons why this Australian band would be a perfect headliner for a festival like Bacardi NH7 Weekender:

a) The festival usually has a strong Australian representation.

b) The festival doesn’t always choose obvious headliners, but quality is paramount. And if Tame Impala isn’t quality, then we don’t know what is.

c) They just dropped Currents, a bomb of an album…so yes, they’re on TOUR.


2. Glass AnimalsGlassAnimals

Why:  Glass Animals’ phenomenal debut album Zaba dropped last year and has ever since gained notoriety for having the most sensual and sexy soul pop-grooves of the season. NME once described the album and band as, “One of the most exciting bands in Britain in 2014. ZABA is blessed with musical facets that will blind you with their splendour.” And we couldn’t agree more.


3. Arctic Monkeysarctic monkeys

Why: Well for one, their presence in India is long overdue. The Arctic Monkeys have been high up on the alternative rock circuit (especially when their first album Whatever People Say I am was the fastest selling debut in British chart history). Their 2013 album AM, also received much critical acclaim and chart success producing hits like – ‘Why Do You Always Call Me When You’re High?‘. They’ve been on the touring grind for two years now and it’s only fair they make a pit stop in India.


4. MGMTmgmt-portable

Why: Because MGMT is the perfect blend of psychedelic rock and electronica and like the Arctic Monkeys, it’s high time they get their talented behinds here. We were all enamoured by Oracular Spectacular that gave us gems like Kids, Time to Pretend and Electric Feel back in 2008-2010. It would be absolutely fantastic if we were given a chance to see them LIVE, in all their shape-shifting-psychedelic-pop glory. Don’t act like you don’t agree!


5. Angus & Julia Stoneangus-julia-stone-general-1

Why: This Australian duo is one of the most talented acoustic/folk acts in the world today, whose fan base in India is growing substantially. We can almost picture Angus and Julia Stone lighting up The Dewarist Stage, with crowd favourites like Beast, Yellow Brick Road, Paper Airplane and other folksy love ballads.


6. Amadou & Mariamamadou & mariam

Why: Last year we had Songhoy Blues, and this year we should have Amadou & Mariam. The Grammy nominated  blind duo hailing from Mali are regional rockstars in their own right. Their music has been often referred to as Afro Blues and is as catchy as it is impressive. The two have also collaborated with some fantastic musicians like Santigold, TV On The Radio and Damian Marley and are supposed to be super energetic live. It’s time for India to host this beauty of band!


7. Death Cab For Cutiedeath_cab_for_cutie_64355-1280x800

Why: This iconic altervative rock band just dropped its seventh album, Ghosts Of Beverly Drive and while many bands run out of their creative steam by now, for Death Cab For Cutie nothing could be further from the truth. For most of us millennials Death Cab’s music helped our teenage selves through some troubled and lovesick times, so watching them live would be a sweet dose of nostalgia.


8. Aphex TwinAphex Twin

Why: Acclaimed for being one of the most intelligent names in modern electronic music, Richard David James is one of the pioneers of the IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). His acid techno beginnings are a frequent part of his sets till date, and his sound will definitely please the plethora of electronic/techno aficionados that attend the Weekenders.


9. Flying Lotusflying lotus

Why: Flying Lotus is one of the most respected beatmakers to hail from the USA in recent days. His rustic take on music moulds a number of genres together and pitting his sound into one genre does not do justice to his skills as a true musician. He’s collaborated with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller and Snoop Dogg and he’s surely headliner material for a festival like Weekender.


10. Jai Wolfjai wold

Why:  Renowned for catchy melodies, this 23-year old represents a new wave of electronic musicians that blend a number of styles at his sets. Being signed onto Skrillex’ OWSLA imprint has furthered his reputation in the scene. Weekender crowds will definitely welcome the unique style of this Bangladeshi born artist who also played at Coachella this year.


11. Duke Dumontduke dumont

Why:  A seasoned artist appearing on the roster of many top festivals across the globe, Duke Dumont’s infectious take on sweet ecstatic deep house has a pleasing effect on anyone listening to him for the first time.


12. Disclosure Disclosure

Why: Probably one of UK’s finest electronic exports, the Croydon brothers are another genre-bending act that India has yet to get a taste of.  Their stage presence is resounding to say the least, and with the UK consistently breeding some of the best garage/drum n bass bands in the world, we’d love to see them in the flesh.


13. M.I.AMIA

Why: Because if a Sri-Lankan-Tamilian Rap goddess can’t bring that energy to weekender, who the hell can? Yup, we love M.I.A and really do think a large Indian festival audience needs to be privy to the awesomeness that is her. This isn’t hard to understand.


14 . Soulmate 10333317_10152253790513978_2555397922032732660_o

Why: Even though Soulmate has performed at previous editions of the festival, we think it’s time they became Bacardi NH7 Weekender regulars. After all, the band’s made up of the combining prowess of Rudy Wallang, considered one of India’s finest blues guitarists and Tipriti Kharbangar, one of the country’s strongest female voices. We sincerely believe that the band, often credited with having ‘reignited the blues in India’ has genuine talent to bring the genre to the absolute forefront.


15. Ram Sampath & Sona Mohapatrasona-mohapatra_ram-sampath__822041

Why: The husband-wife duo of Ram Sampath and Sona Mohapatra share many a memorable numbers between their Hindi film work, Satyamev Jayate and Coke Studio appearances. And if the success of the latter is any proof, it’s that Ram can work his way around intricate fusion rock compositions, and Sona can effortlessly lend vocals to the same. And if we got them to sing all their mutually worked on numbers, it’ll be a musically rich performance.


16. Sneha Khanwalkar

Sneha Khanwalkar

Why: She epitomises ‘coolth’. Right from composing one of the biggest, and must we say, most badass album of the last three years, ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, to her journeying across the country in search for music on Sound Trippin’, Sneha represents the face of the contemporary music zealot, just the kinds Bacardi NH7 Weekender has special preference for. This, combined with her strong background in classical music, and her ability to fuse them with electronic and rock elements, makes her an ideal stage performer.


17. Lucky Alilucky ali

Why : The poster-boy of India’s 90’s indipop scene, Lucky Ali almost, always, stood out from the rest. Right from his ‘don’t-care-much’ appearance to his pleasantly waspy, crooning voice that fit perfectly with his ballads that rightfully went on to become ‘non-Bollywood music’ anthems. And if live performance must be judged, Lucky Ali absolutely stole the show at Sula Fest 2014, so we’re itching to have him take us back the throwback lane at Bacardi NH7 Weekender.


18. The Weeknd

the weeknd
Why: First, let us just say this, Abel Tesfaye (and Frank Ocean) are exactly how R&B got it’s groove back. Which is exactly why watching a talented and contemporary R&B artiste perform at a festival like Weekender is in dire need. Tesfaye’s falsetto, grunge beats, twisted lyrics, charismatic showmanship and sensual synth is all you need in life, really.


19. Chet Faker Chet-Faker-ARIA-Nominations-Blog-FDRMX

Why: Since his cover of No Diggity by Dr Dre, this Australian crooner has been on every festival circuit, constantly touring and wowing people with his song writing and unique sound. Everything about Chet Faker’s music is sexy, seductive and serious.


21. Megadeth feat. Chris AdlerLamb Of God Perform At Brixton Academy In London

Why:  This would be awesome because:
a) Chris was previously the drummer for Lamb of God.
b). Megadeth are releasing an album with him this year!
c). They haven’t performed too many international shows with him yet. So overall, it should be interesting to watch.


21.  OpethOpeth-2014

Why: Weekender needs this metal headliner for various reasons :
a) As one of the most iconic heavy metal bands of the 90’s, especially known for their progressive sound.
b) Also known as an eclectic metal band because of how they seamlessly transition from one genre to another – jazz, blues, classical – while maintaining their metallic sound.
c) They released album last year August, called Pale Communion which got really great reviews.


22. Foo Fightersfoo4

Why: BECAUSE THEY’RE THE GODDAMN FOO FIGHTERS!!! Let’s all make and then tweet Dave Grohl a tribute video, just so he personally promises his (and his band’s) presence in India soon.


So, who would you vote for?