OML’s yearly ritual of dropping their Bacardi NH7 Weekender line-up all over social media has garnered some hilarious and interesting twitter reactions, this time.



The day started off with this bomb :

To which, people (obviously) lost their shit over –    

  Megadeth came next, some were happy, some were confused, some brought the lulz.      

All hell broke lose at The Sherp’s office when Dualist dropped Flying Lotus, since he’s been on our must-see list for awhile. Twitterville reacted more or less the same!  



These ones really take the cake :



 Shillong’s lineup got some major upvotes…


Then THIS happened and hilarity ensued!   



  We feel you, girl.


Stay tuned to The Sherp for more on the Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2015. In the meantime, book your tickets here!