It’s been an eventful week in the world of festivals. Just in case you missed all the action from this week (April 25  – May 1), here’s The Sherp’s round-up of the top news and stories. 

1. Canada’s ileSoniq Festival Is An Electronic Music Nirvana 


Deadmau5, DJ SNAKE, Above & Beyond, Flosstradamus and Hodor from the Game Of Thrones to perform at the new Montreal festival. Check the rest of the line-up HERE.


2. Prepare To Party At The Highest Club In The World


Organizers of the World Cup Dome Festival are making sure your trip to Germany is not a dull affair. For more, head HERE.


3. Beer Festivals You Wish You Could Escape To 


What’s better than festivals dedicated to B E E R? While we’re all baking in this summer heat, dream of some of this fantastic beer celebrations that happen through the year. Full list.


4. Here’s How You Stay Out Of Trouble At A Festival 


It’s the perfect time to unwind, the festival season. And well, everyone wants to let their hair loose. HERE are some pro-tips.


5. India, Gear Up For The Corona Sunsets Music Festival


The Corona Sunsets launch has added India to its touring calendar. MORE.


6. The Most Typical Styles Across Music Festivals 


The person you see scurrying around in a poncho with a flower wreath is most probably the CEO of a company. After all, there isn’t anyone resistant to festival fashion these days! But each festival has its unique style. The Sherp decodes the various transformations.


7. Billboard Stats Show Just How Big Music Festivals Are


That music festivals have taken over pop culture in a major way is already established. To what degree is beyond our imagination though. Billboard has helped rationalise this by releasing these statistics (In the USA) that goes to show just how big music festivals really are.


8. Get Ready To Hop On To The Vengabus! 


“The Vengabus is coming, and everybody’s jumping”. For dates, click HERE.


9. Kasol Festival Announces Its Expansive Psytrance Line-Up 


Kundalini Shakti Festival is coming to Himachal Pradesh in June, and it comes with a promise of refreshing spiritual and musical experiences. Check out the full line-up HERE.