That music festivals have taken over pop culture in a major way is already established. To what degree is beyond our imagination though. Billboard has helped rationalise this by releasing these statistics (In the USA) that goes to show just how big music festivals really are.

Some of their more astounding facts from the article show that 32 million people go to at least one U. S. music festival every year! While America records 500 million tweets everyday, only the first weekend of Coachella records 3.5 million tweets by itself and SXSW guarantees a million. This is comparison to the Oscars, a worldwide influencing event that rakes in 5.9 million tweets, has got to say something about just what a thriving industry it is.

This may come as no surprise to a lot of people who wait with baited breath for line-up and ticket announcements to the best musical gatherings of the year. And for the lot of others who still don’t think that music festivals are the way to catch the best music of the year, these stats should show that it’s time you hopped on. Thank you, Billboard!

11133804_10153139841916648_7301409379094257693_n(image credits: Coachella Facebook)