The person you see scurrying around in a poncho with a flower wreath is most probably the CEO of a company. After all, there isn’t anyone resistant to festival fashion these days! But each festival has its unique style. The Sherp decodes the various transformations.

Shedding their daily outfits, thousands of people from around the world embrace the festival garb, as they unwind, truly soaking in the festival spirit. Whoever enjoyed a desert festival in hard denims? Today, we bring you a list of transformations people undertake to truly fit in with a music festival. Take notes!

1. The Boho Chic

The ragingly popular garb, commonly seen at the more popular festivals such as Coachella and Bonnaroo done in a manner so as to take the high-flying city-bred person to the wild, wayward chic-ness of the 7os. It’s all throwback mode, albeit earthy as people immerse themselves in lace dresses and tops, long flowy gowns, skirts and loose cotton overalls, that’s supposed to give a “I didn’t pay a lot of attention when putting this together’ vibe, but you probably did. It’s effortless, and extremely comfortable for long weekend festivals, which is why so many people have been embracing it, left, right and centre.

boho chic

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2. Urban street style

Tomorrowland, Coachella and Glastonbury are proud owners of the urban street style, where crop tops, shorts and boots make their presence comfortable. They seem like flea store throwaways, but undeniably trendy. Again, they aptly fit in with the high voltage energy witnessed at the above mentioned festivals. They’re easy to wear, plus go hand in hand with the music that’s to be found at each of these festivals.

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3. The rocked out punk style

Rock culture represent! These people love their rock, and make no bones hiding it. They’re in blacks, reds, replete with armour that rock culture has made popular over the years. And really, who would have a problem with loose band t-shirts, shredded to retain punked out glory, comfortable bands, and rock solid boots that can have you be at your best standing self?

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4. One with the nature

This style represents the floating landscape. Nature finds its true representation in the design, the subtle fabrics, which stand out, by not standing out with flashy designs. Green and pastel hues make for a great smorgasbord of designs as people almost, always seem to arm these up with flip-flops, or chappals, the most non-threatening version of footwear, there is.

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5. Neo-Tribal

Burning Man and AfrikaBurn attendees seem to understand this trend the most, and its popularity has led to its inclusion into other festivals like Coachella and Primavera Sound. It’s about embracing your inner wild child, the one belonging to the nomads. Feather headdresses, durable cloth, armed with face paint, all come together to assemble the neo-tribal look.

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6. Rave up

Psychedelic festival goers know how to rave up, and in style. Usually found at Ozora, Womad Festival, Boom Festival, attendees immerse themselves in fabrics of psychedelic prints and colours. And then there are the neon colours. Right from the bands around your head and wrists to the shorts you’re wearing so you unmistakably glow in the dark.

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7. Channelling the inner spirit animal

What is your spirit animal? A cat? Then of course you must make an appearance basking in your feline dignity. Right from faux animal headgear to the animal print on the t-shirt you’re sporting, to whiskers painted on your face. At music festivals, everything from lions, to dire wolfs and even birds seem to go live!

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8. The burlesque era

While some throwback to the hippie culture, the others go back to trendier grounds, and might we add, sultrier. Bringing corsets, fishnets into fashion, the music festival playground is no less of a stage to bring out the inner performer. A whip in your hand, coupled with OTT makeup, and your look is complete.

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