With summer coming on in full swing, there’s no better way to beat the heat than being at a festival. The Sherp lists a bunch of festivals, from North India to the USA, even covering Morocco and Paris, over the month of May that will make braving the weather worth it.

1. Tomorrowland Brasil
Where: Brazil
When: May 1-3

Electronic Music in May finds its crusader in Tomorrowland that’s kickstarting the scene for the month in the South American exotic nature of Brazil. Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Hardwell, Jamie Jones, Steve Angello are part of that god-impressive line-up that just goes to show that the summer’s heat ain’t stopping any party!

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(image credits: Tomorrowland Brasil Facebook)

2. Akampa Festival
Where: Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
When: May 1-3

It’s a festival that takes you to the Indo-China War Battlefield in Arunachal Pradesh, featuring headliners like Su Real, EZ Riser and StarLab, along with local art exhibitions, adventure sports, outdoor camping in a perfect infusion of local culture with electronica music. Can you tell us a better way to spend the extremely hot month of May? We think not. Akampa’s got you covered.

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(image source: Akampa Festival Facebook)

3. Tawang Festival
Where: Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
When: May 1 to 3

The picturesque town of Tawang in the north-eastern most state of India, Arunachal Pradesh is clearly the place to be during the first three days of May. Tawang Festival too, much like Akampa Festival, organised after the Buddha Mahotsav brings together a spectacular show of music, cinema, fashion, art and exhibition.

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(image source: Tawang Festival Facebook)

4. Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
Where: Imphal, Manipur
When: May 1 to 3

Our third entry in the list pretty much fortifies the north-east as the go-to vacation destination this May, as another festival awaits you the first three days of the month at Manipur. Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Is a Pete Seeger inspired festival that aims for a greater social consciousness through the vehicle of music, as they commemorate musician activist Pete Seeger on his birthday, the 3rd of May. For anyone seeking a truly transformational experience, this is festival to go to!

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(image source: Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Facebook)

5. Beale Street Music Festival
Where: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
When: May 1 to 3

Beale Street Music Festival provides a worthy precursor to a month long worth of cultural activities in Memphis, aptly called Memphis in May. The festival which has been running for nearly four decades has always been a fan favourite for its affordable ticket rates, and its favourable spring spirit. This year’s line-up includes Blues legend Lenny Kravitz, Ed Sheeran, The Flaming Lips, Hozier, Pixies, Ryan Adams, St. Vincent and Paramore. There seems to be no better way to kickstart May in the United States.

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(image source: Beale Street Music Festival Facebook)

6. Rock in Rio
Where: Rio de Janeiro
When: May 8 to 9

Rock in Rio is that full-fledged rock festival that stands perfect for a rock music lover, that does good reviving the national music scene. But the most kickass aspect of the festival is its own City of Rock, a place designed to service the festival in the most loyal manner, with its own interesting light and sound system. This year’s line-up features the mighty Metallica, No Doubt, Sam Smith, Linkin Park, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars.

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(image credits: Rock in Rio Facebook)

7. Gnaoua
Where: Morocco
When: May 14 to 17

In sync with Morocco’s profound cultural affiliation, the festival of Gnaoua brings African celtic sounds, soulful beats, reggae, jazz and rhythmic drum sets to the whitewashed walls of the Essaouira port. What comes to fore is a festival like no other, with such an eclectic mix of sound, that the backdrop of the sea waters feels like the perfect soulful getaway.

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(image source: Gnaoua Facebook)

8. Hangout Music Festival
Where: Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA
When: May 15 to 17

The Hangout Music Festival presents the quintessential summer experience. Beach? Check. Beer? Check. Condo? Check? Great Music? Double check. I mean, the line-up includes heavyweights like Beck, Foo Fighters, Major Lazer, Paramore, My Morning Jacket and Future Islands among a host of other cool artists. Beach getaways could not have been cooler.

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(images source: Hangouts Music Festival Facebook)

9.Bearded Theory Festival
Where: England, United Kingdom
When: May 21 to 24

Bearded Theory is that perfect music festival for everyone, adults and children alike, that evokes the warmth of a weekend getaway like few other events really do. There is music, food, games, just enough to please everyone. And Hey! Even though it may rain sometimes, the festival and its spirit goes on.

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(images source: Bearded Theory Festival Facebook)

10. Lightening in a Bottle
Where: Bradley, California
When: May 21 to 25

Remember how summers would be the prime time to rejuvenate before kickstarting school all over again? Echoing this sentiment is the close to spirit, Lightening in a Bottle, which mashes music with yoga giving attendees a wholesome experience this summer. The completely green festival takes place in a village, and with its earthy sentiment has found takers among all those people wanting a more profound festival experience.

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(images source: Art Gimbel | Fest300)

11. Sasquatch
Where: George, Washington
When: May 22 to 25

Sasquatch, taking its affiliation for the Big Foot creature, names all its stages after creatures as such, The Big Foot Stage, The Yeti Stage and El Chupacabra. But that’s not the only cool thing about the festival which takes place during the Memorial Day Weekend. The festival which caters to all eclectic tastes across genres happens in the beautiful George amphitheatre that provides a lustrous venue for the music, with this year featuring artists like Kendrick Lamar, Robert Plant + The Sensational Space Shifters, Ryan Adams, Lana Del Ray, Monsters and Men, James Blake, Tame Impala, Flume and The Glitch Mob.

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(image source: Sasquatch Facebook)

12. California Roots Music and Art Festival
Where: Monterey, California, USA
When: May 22 to 24

The combination of summer and reggae has a wild romanticism about it. And the experience of that in California is just the icing you need. All the good vibes of summer will be yours at the California Roots Music and Art Festival, as rock and reggae come together to give you the chillest summer you can think of. They’re not just offering a fancy line-up including The Roots, Slightly Stoopid, Soja and John Butler Trio among others, but there’s also art and live painting to keep you busy, otherwise.

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(image source: California Roots Music and Art Festival)

13. Boston Calling
Where: Boston, USA
When: May 22-24

Boston Calling marks the typical live music scene in the city of Boston, bringing the best of live music and food, fostering a festival that is family friendly, much like Boston’s ingrained nature. With line-up acts involving the man of the season Beck, Pixies, My Morning Jacket, Tame Impala, St. Vincent, Chet Faker and Ben Harper, Boston Calling, the self proclaimed ‘rain and shine’ festival is just the happiest event of Boston’s summer.

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(image source: Boston Calling Facebook)

14. Primavera Sound
Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: May 28 to 30

Continuing its trend of being the largest independent music importer in Barcelona, Primavera Sound, now in its 15th year has an amazing line-up greeting people into the cultural expanse of Spain. With names like Alt-J, Chet Faker, American Football, Damien Rice, Belle & Sebastian, The Black Keys, Benjamin Booker, Jon Hopkins and José González coupled with the tourism friendly environment of Barcelona, and you have a winner! The second weekend following up from June 4 to 6 makes it the perfect Spanish vacation waiting to be taken.

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(images source: Eric Pàmies | Primavera Sound)

15. We Love Green
Where: Paris
When: May 30 to 31

We Love Green is probably the perfect way to end festival hopping in May, because not only its affordable ticket rates of £70 for a two-day pass ease the pockets, but its organic loving timeline makes rejuvenation completely possible. With this year line-up featuring Julian Casablancas, Nicholas Jaar, Django Django and Ghost Culture, ‘tis the festival to be at this summer!

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(image credits: Yulya Shadrinsky | We Love Green Facebook)