It’s the perfect time to unwind, the festival season. And well, everyone wants to let their hair loose. But a little care can take you a long way (away from the prison, we mean).

No, not everything crazy you do at a festival will get you in jail. But a few things could. And the other few can do anything from killing your festival mojo to landing you in serious trouble. This is why The Sherp, having dealt with all things festival, has some serious words of caution. Lap ‘em up!

1. Having a plan is not lame

You’re at a festival, and you have your buds giving you company. And if you haven’t been to a festival before, know this, you will lose them. One of you scurries off to the loo, and bam! The rest are gone. Of course, being alone is no loss of fun. But with low network in and around the festival arena, you don’t want to find yourself stranded for too long, especially in the night. Fix a point to meet should you lose each other. It does not make you less cool.


2. Drinking yourself crazy may not be the best idea

Alcohol is around and abundant. Chugging beer constantly might feel tempting. But you know what happens when there’s too much of alcohol? Sickness. And bad hangovers. Now, The Sherp doesn’t think this has to be spelled out, but the number of people we’ve seen pass out sick much before the headliner has even made it to the stage makes us worry. Hey, there are always after parties, you know!

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3. Strangers don’t always make the best festival find

The number of friendships that music festivals have helped foster would be a legendary number, sure. That doesn’t necessarily mean you hop on to whatever yuppie group you find, when your own has left you absconded. It’s a delicate line. Be friendly, but be wary. Also, it’d be a great idea, to have your group meet this new group, so you have a gang to fall back on, just in case. Also, roofie is a harsh reality. So you might want to buy or pick up your own drinks from the counter.

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4. Festival websites have more information than just line-up

If you’re heading to a festival, you might want to read up on what’s allowed and what’s not. All festivals have a clear list of what’s allowed and what’s allowed. Fireworks are not festival buddies. Some allow you to bring food, water and pets along. Some strictly don’t. Some allow pet buddies. While some have clear instructions on the photo gear you can carry. You don’t want to be stranded at the entry with a bunch of things you cannot take in.

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5. Let’s talk drugs

Let’s address the topic of intoxication and not brush it under the carpet as a subjective fad. Some festivals, depending on what country or state they’re held in allow marijuana consumption, whereas most festivals do not. The biggest causes of concern at festivals is when people smuggle in hard drugs, and due to fear of getting caught, consume it all at the same time, which has led to several OD cases. So read up, about the festival, about drug related felonies and laws in the state or country, so you know just the kind of soup you’ll land yourself in, should you take the risk.

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6. Security exists for a reason

As Justin Bieber learned it the hard way, you do not want to piss the bouncers or the management at a festival. They do take the final call on letting you stay at the festival if you play truant. Doesn’t matter if you’re Canada’s biggest pop export in recent years, or just an annoying, drunk, music lover. So, be civil, and make sure you comply with whatever they have to tell you. Else, risk missing the headlining act just like Biebs did.

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7. Custom laws are important

Some of you travel across countries in a bid to catch your favourite music festivals. Which is great, except you might want to read up on custom laws to know what you can bring back and what you cannot. Getting caught at a festival and being forced out of its premises is one thing, being held at the airport as you’re questioned while your flight leaves is something a lot more intense. You don’t want to mess with international laws.

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