From the news about Finland’s super chill beer festival to pictures of the breathtaking World Body Painting Festival, the Sherp’s got all the juicy dope!

1. Finland Has A Beer Floating Festival And It Is The Epitome Of Chill


Take a break as you float down a river in rafts full of cold, delicious beer. See more!

2. All You Need To Know About Sea Dance, Europe’s Freshest Beach Festival

(Credits: Sea Dance Festival /Facebook)

During the 15th birthday of Serbia’s mega festival EXIT, another one was introduced for the first time and scheduled right after the end of EXIT’s festivities, christened Sea Dance festival. See more!

3. EDC’s Mainstage Cost How Much To Build?!

(Credits: Courtesy : Facebook/EDC)

Whoa. See more!

4. Japan’s VR Porn Festival Was Cancelled Due To Overcrowding

It seems too many people decided to come. See more!

5. World Bodypainting Festival : Where People Are The ‘Art’

9Credits: Facebook/World Bodypainting Festival)

Artists and models from all over unite at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria, using the human body as the ultimate canvas. See more!

5. 9 Of The Most Hard-Hitting Rock And Metal Festivals Coming Up


Forget your ‘lits’ and ‘fams’ and ‘PLURs’ and your EDM culture; this one’s for all the metalheads. See more!

6. Here’s Why You Should Head To Peru For The Mystical Inti Raymi Festival

(Credits: Torukojin)