Organizers do an excellent job of cleaning up after the 65,000 something crowd.

Held in a 7 square mile area in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, Burning Man is probably one of the most exclusive events to be held on planet Earth. With stunning art installations, great musical performances and just an overall incomparable experience, it’s no wonder why thousands of people buy up all of their pricey tickets in a matter of hours if not minutes. Setting up such a festival every year in the middle of nowhere is a real challenge but the organizers have really mastered it over the years. What’s even more impressive is their ability to leave the desert more or less in the same condition they found it.

Don’t believe us? Check out these pictures :


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Almost looks photoshopped right? To make sure the “Leave No Trace” rule is upheld, Burning Man employs a special Playa Restoration Team. The crews are directed to determine which areas have the most trash A.K.A. Matter Out Of Place (MOOP). They then colour code the areas according to severity, green being lowest, yellow meaning moderate and red depicting high MOOP density after which the required steps are taken to bring the land back to its original state.