Artists and models from all over unite at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria, using the human body as the ultimate canvas.

Since 1998, the world’s most colourful event has taken place every year in Austria. With the World Bodypainting Festival, organizers founded the modern body-painting art movement. Being the biggest art event in the field, it attracts tens of thousands of visitors  and competitors to admire the art of bodypainting.

All Images Courtesy (Unless Specified) : Facebook/World Bodypainting Festival

In its 18th year, the festival welcomed artists from over 40 nations to this unique event and put body art into the mountain and lake scenery complemented by music and shows. The town of Pörtschach is the most impressive location in the state, surrounded by turquoise water, and is the perfect backdrop for the art form.

1. Check out some of the mindblowing body art!


2. Behind the scenes.


3. Austria is absolutely stunning.


4. People need to eat.


5. Winners all around.


6. To add to the atmosphere, the WBF also had several musical acts performing.