Take a break as you float down a river in rafts full of cold, delicious beer.

Kaljakellunta, also known as ‘Beer Floating’, is an annual open festival originating from the Uusimaa province of Finland, where the capital city Helsinki is also located. Thousands of people participate in the festival every year, floating around in various kinds of inflatable dinghies and self-built rafts, whilst getting drunk on beer. 

(Credits: Kaljakellunta)

The unique part of the festival is that it has no official organiser, confirmed dates, sponsors or any organised effort of any sort. The attendees simply get in touch with each other and spread the word about the gathering by word of mouth or social media! And it has been functioning this way for the past 19 years, simply getting better every year. The floating route, time and date vary by year and are decided through social media websites, until an agreement is reached by voting. Once the voted time and place are known to Kaljakellunta.org, the site makes it public.

This year’s Kaljakellunta is slated to take place on July 30.