With Electronic Music festivals dominating the festival scene worldwide, there is always an intense competition to build something bigger and better. Not to mention that tickets now cost upwards of $300 and headliners charge 6-7 figure booking fees. All this exorbitance justifies the fact that a festival would spend as much on the overall experience as well. That’s why EDC Las Vegas had no qualms spending $3 million to build their famed Kinetic Field Stage.

Courtesy : Billboard

To put things into perspective, the overall festival budget was $35 million and almost 10% went towards a single stage which was 440 feet wide and weighed 700 tons. In an interview with Forbes, Pasquale Rotella said, “What it takes us to build a stage today is very different than what it took us five years ago.” In the interview Rotella also discussed changing how they design the stage for future shows as the current method only allows a single year usage across EDC New York, Orlando, and Mexico in addition to LV among others. “We are right now considering building a larger production, using it for multiple years and having each market have its own look so that the traveler has the reason to go somewhere and experience something they’ve never experienced before.”