It’s been an eventful week in the world of festivals. Just in case you missed all the action from this week (March 20 – March 27), here’s The Sherp’s round-up of the top news and stories.  


1. The relentless Indian summer is upon us and we all crave that one getaway with good music and an even better environment. Keep your hair on, folks, because The Sherp’s got you covered. 

maxresdefaultHere are five phenomenal Indian hilltop festivals that will take your summer blues as well as your breath away


2. The Smirnoff Experience line-up packs some serious punch

smirnoff 1
Read more about who’ll be performing at this fest


3. This year’s SXSW saw some idiosyncratic style statements made by the festival goers. From sui generis hairdos to the comeback of the 80’s denim, we’d say the people at SXSW had dressed to impress if only they didn’t make it seem so damn effortless. 

photoHere are some of the most remarkable and creative festival looks we picked out.


4. New Delhi’s very own food festival is here to give you a delicious summer feast

Grub-Fest-2015-Delhi-800x480Read on to know more about Grub Fest


5. In about a week, SPIRO will be hosting The Glitch Mob – one of the best and brightest artistes who rose from the underground LA Beat scene. Here are some interesting facts about them.

GLITCH MOB COVERClick here for some awesome Glitch Mob trivia


6. Coachella added an Indian artiste to their roster! B.R.E.E.D will be performing at the festival, this April.

B.R.E.E.D (1)Read on to learn more.


7. Want a chance to drop your own tunes at MTV Bloc Party? Your prayers have been answered

BLOCcoverFind out more here