Pretty Lights, the electronic project of producer Derek Vincent Smith, is most popular for its innovatively succinct sound. But what has set the act apart are the visual accompaniments to Derek Smith’s live shows that are stunning works of art!

The driving force that catapulted Derek Smith as a formidable name in the live electronic scene is the amount of work that goes into presenting a surreal visual display of music. As Mumbai will see Pretty Lights in complete action on the 4th of April next week, we, at Festival Sherpa, want to tell you exactly why a Pretty Lights act is a spectacular show worth your every minute!

1. They don’t shy away from basics

Pretty Lights’ last album was the Grammy nominated ‘A Color Map Of The Sun’. For this, as opposed to working on existing samples as Derek Smith would earlier do, he went back to analogue by recording new sounds with musicians directly onto vinyl. He then processed his own vinyl records, and worked on these fresh samples to create a cracker of an album. This approach has been tied beautifully with the visual experiment. The team went retrogressive as they created custom video effects for the project, instead of resampling original ones, to create a series so original, that it will blow your mind. The best part of the series is how each and every single film, meant for the respective sound, has incorporated the rhythm of the track inclusively into its visuals giving you a wholesome experience. This particular format of completeness is a recursive aspect of every Pretty Lights’ performance, as the sound goes hand in hand with the visual, in tandem.

2. The enormous sets 

If you think Derek performs in front of one visual screen throwing up trippy lights one after the other as the exclusive visual performance, you cannot be more wrong. The Pretty Lights’ stage set-ups are each unique in their own right. Cumbersively worked upon, the stages are a grand labour of design, making the musical performance worth watching in every manner. Imagine all the electronic acts you’ve seen with the artist performing around his electronic troupe, leaving you to imagine his music in your head. Now amplify that emotion by multiple times as you watch the magic unfold. It’s a high, like nothing else.

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3. Set themes 

Do not be under the notion that the stage set-up is but, an empty creative output. It’s highly conceptual, and as mentioned,  goes hand in hand with Derek’s musical set. When his stage resembles that of a city skyline, replete with a bridge towering at the centre, imagine him to belt out music resembling urban chaos, or some such. There is always a connection between music and sound, thereby making the concert experience that much more meaningful.

4. The music supersedes everything 

A lot of times you’re asked by a friend to head along to a concert, that may have great people, good vibes, or is at a grand location. But let all those hang-ups rest, because with Pretty Lights, the performance is at such a cool, exalted level, that you will not fret having lost your only friend at the beginning of the concert. You will not whine over how expensive the alcohol might be, or how hot the Mumbai weather is like at the moment. So let yourself be consumed by a superior music act this Friday!


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