This year’s SXSW saw some idiosyncratic style statements made by the festival goers. From sui generis hairdos to the comeback of the 80’s denim, we’d say the people at SXSW had dressed to impress if only they didn’t make it seem so damn effortless. Here are some of the most remarkable and creative festival looks we picked out.

1.  Braids, Braids, Braids


Who thought braids could make funky festival hairstyles? Equal parts pretty and precise, this was one of the many little touches at the fest that had serious trendsetter potential.

2.  A Splash Of Color


Who doesn’t like color? Several attendees of SXSW sported colored hair, and each wore it with a different look – be it chic, grunge or punk.

3.  High Top Shoes

Screenshot (39)

Efficient in the rain and wickedly funky, we say these shoes were an flamboyant investment. This is what we call a style statement. Go big or go home.

4.  Ethnic Sweaters

Screenshot (46)

Bright colors with authentic African-American patterns is the perfect combination for an ethnic summer fest outfit.

5.  Urban Meets Country

Screenshot (45)

This outfit is the ideal amalgamation of the urban chicness and country flair and captures the avant-garde vibe of SXSW perfectly.

6.  The Rock & Roll Look

Screenshot (40)

With the bleached blonde hair and acid washed jackets, this may as well be the 80s. Looks like the folks at SXSW are bringing back the grunge/rock n roll look. Let’s hope it sticks.

7.  Literal Style Statements

Screenshot (51)

Because t-shirts with words are too mainstream.


8.  The True Texan


Digging in to the authenticity of Austin, Texas, some of the festival goers decided to adapt to the city’s culture and make their look spectacularly organic.

9.  Badass In Black?


We all dug the biker chick look at some point in our lives, but these guys take it to the next level. Edgy yet understated, these part-goth part-grunge outfits look good enough to be catalogued.

10.  Retro Is The New Sexy

Screenshot (52)

Retro fashion—namely polka dots, Lennon glass frames and bobs with heavy fringes have been making their way back into the list of trends recently, and this is the best example of what a retro festival look should be like.

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