Who says you need a large boom-box or an expensive smartphone to stream your favourite music? Listen to music on the go with these uber-chic smartwatches!

We all are part of a rat race in our fast paced city lives and with our endless responsibilities that go into a hectic day. Does that really need to stop you from having a solution to listening to your favourite jam while you’re on the move? We’ve got just the solution for you with these uber-cool smartwatches that solve all your on the run woes!


1. TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music

Credits: wareable.com

The TomTom Spark 3 is the perfect gadget accompaniment for all fitness enthusiasts and office goers on the move. This sassy wearable watch is loaded with all the runners metrics (time, distance and speed) and the music goodies! It has a built-in optical heart rate monitor and is compatible with almost every running app. 

It has a storage capacity of 3GB for all your musical needs which will give you approximately 500 mp3s through a wireless pair of headphones right on your wrist! Be sure to get the +music version of the TomTom Spark watch and avail this cool gadget now!

You can buy the watch on Amazon here.

2. Adidas miCoach Smart Run

Credits: uncrate.com

The Adidas miCoach Smart Run is a beast on your wrist, quite literally! With a storage of 4GB you can add songs from your iTunes store and your mp3s and flawlessly stream them from your wrist. The watch connects to a wireless pair of headphones via Bluetooth 4.0, that really breaks down the hassle of wired headphones as well.

While Adidas has officially stopped production of the watch, it may still be purchased on Amazon here.

3. New Balance RunIQ

Credits: androidheadlines.com

New Balance Run IQ is a durable smart-watch that the company had come out with, in addition to its already established line of sports apparel. The GPS operated smart watch packs a nifty 4GB data space which you can utilize for your music synced from Google Play. Connect a pair of headphones to the watch and you are all set to listen to your music sans phone! 

You can purchase the watch on Amazon here.

4. LG Watch Sport

Credits: wareable.com

LG’s fully equipped fitness watch is an Android 2.0 wearable fitness tracker cum music streaming gadget. Loaded with an option to stream music straight from Google Play Music and an additional 2.35 GB in-built storage to store your music, the LG Watch Sport is the perfect accompaniment on the move!

Buy the watch here.

5. Moto 360 Sport

Credits: wareable.com

An update to its previous flagship model smartwatch, Motorola’s Moto 360 Sport is a quirky and cool take on sports watches. The watch that comes with an in-built 4GB storage gives you a good number of songs to play on the move.

While Motorola has stopped production of the smartwatch to further improve its specs, the watch can be purchased on Amazon here.

6. Apple Watch Nike+

Credits: vanguardia.com

Apple’s collaboration with Nike to bring out a much more sportier update to its earlier Apple Watch Series 2, sure does the work to grab our attention! The super sporty looking watch has built-in GPS features and at 42mm thickness, this watch is quite the grab for runners!

You can stream music by transferring your music playlists from your phone to the watch. If you have subscribed to Apple Music, you can transfer your music from the service giving you a vast bank of songs on the go.

You can buy the watch on Amazon here.

Be it a run in the park or a long day outdoors, let these watches be your life-savers! Cause there really shouldn’t be anything stopping you from pumping your fists to your jam track, right?