Planning a trip to Goa soon? You might want to reconsider!  

Goa has always been the place to go to if you were looking to have a great time. For most people, a beach vacation in India is incomplete without a visit to one of the many incredible beaches in Goa. Nothing sounds better than relaxing on the beach with friends and sipping on some good alcohol! Well, Goa Police has said that they will be cracking down on all public drinking in the region.

Lately, Goa has been getting attention for news appearances with regard to it’s party events. Be it festivals like Sunburn and Supersonic moving from home base to rebel parties joining hands to end all dance music scenes in Goa, the state has been constantly enforcing laws to curb the night life.

On Thursday, The North Goa district police arrested six people for drinking in public at the popular beach village of Calangute.

This follows Superintendent of Police (North Goa) Karthik Kashyap’s instructions to arrest people found drinking in the open.

“Kashyap called upon the general public to inform the police about such incidents so that action can be taken against the offenders,” said a statement issued by the police department.

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This was the result of a meeting between the general public including representatives from the tourism sector, beach shack owners and police officials at Calangute Police Station. The meeting was attended by around 60-70 people. The gathering also highlighted the menace of tourists consuming liquor on the beach at the night time.

“We received a lot of complaints, both from tourists as well as locals, about people cutting themselves on broken liquor bottles while walking on the beaches as well as swimming in the sea. Therefore we have given instructions to the police to crack down severely on drinking of alcohol on beaches,” Superintendent of Police Karthik Kashyap told reporters at a public interaction.

“A lot of people are facing inconvenience due to this nuisance of drinking in the open,” he said, adding that anyone found drinking in open will be booked under Section 34 of the Indian Police Act.

We can only hope that these laws don’t hold back the Goan spirit!