This isn’t your ordinary hat. 

ZEROi is probably going to change the way we listen to music. This is a hat that has four built-in bone conduction speakers. With this new technology, you can listen to music or make phone calls, without earphones, while being aware of your surroundings.


ZEROi boasts about its enhanced clarity of sound thanks to its four built-in bone conduction. Because of this, they have an upper hand against their competitors who have only two built-in bone conduction. Be it sunny or rainy, this can be worn at any time of the day regardless of the weather condition or the setting. Did we mention that it is water resistant too?


The best feature about this hat is that it also allows you to have an open ear which lets you be aware of your surroundings. You don’t have to worry about charging it regularly as one charge can last up to 5 hours and it also has a backup time of about 8 days. You get to charge it using a magnetic connector. There are a lot of different designs and colours offered by them so you can wear it with any preferred outfit of yours.


This amazing product is being funded on Kickstarter right now and is already backed by 500+ people from all around the world. They give you great deals if you back them right now. You can check out their Kickstarter page here for more details. You can check out their video below!

For also those athletes, music lovers and travelers, this could just be the thing you are looking for.

You can check out their video below!

Check out their Facebook Page here for more details.